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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Astral meanders May 2017

In General: May is the Month of Taurus, a time to manifest in real tangible terms the things we desire or need to make our journeys better and more fulfilling. However this year, May also has a strong Aries contingence with Mercury, Venus and Uranus, so we must be able to really action our intentions too! Mercury goes direct on the 3rd of the month and it's the slow but steady start to more forward movement in our lives. In fact, from May the 24th until July 24th is a peacefully no retrograde period. The Full Moon on May 10th is in Scorpio. Mercury in Aries is also in conjunction with Uranus in Aries on that day, so some nerve-jangling or positively exciting news could accompany this energy. It can be an accident prone time, so try to be more cautious and aware as you go about your day. Most exciting however, from my view-point is the May 18-19th Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries! These planets coming together bring wonderful potential for supportive transitions into drastically improved ways of living. In other words it brings great support for major changes in every area of life and is a great time to make the transformations we have been considering. We should all know and feel what we should keep in our lives, but also what we must overcome or release. This month the New Moon is a super moon in Gemini, on May 25th.Since all New Moons are “seeding times”, this is a time to set your intentions and since this one is in Gemini its also a good idea to be communicating our ideas in the world. If you are having a birthday in May, then expect the year to follow to be one of transformation and change. On the world scene its time to readdress the issues created during last month’s difficult patch of retrogrades! It's a month of political tightrope walking and quite a bit of reshuffling! Locally, we can use this time to instigate positive personal change, but we must be brave enough to act!

Quote of the month: 

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill


Professionally you will make great progress this month. Many new ventures along with the old ones will be in the pipeline. Whatever projects you had undertaken last month will yield good returns now. It's a great month for financial progress too. Surprisingly financial gains can be made whilst in relaxation or holiday mode.


Financially this is an excellent month and the period after the 20th will be the most favourable. Your emphasis however, is shifting from career to domestic issues and the more emotional aspects of life. You find it easier to express your identity and be yourself now. The focus is on you and your goals for the year ahead.


You should feel a strong urge to go out and get what you want this month, and in so doing, to be less dependent upon what other people may think. You are much more self-assertive than usual. Physical activity is especially favoured and a good way to express this newfound dynamic energy.


The energies of May increase your creative thought and mental activity, energizing in a positive way all communications and interactions with other people. This is likely to be a very busy time but also very productive. You can project yourself strongly and clearly without upsetting anyone.


May brings much more mental activity and interaction with people. However, there is also an increase in nervous tension. Nervousness or rushed thinking can lead to errors in communication or not saying exactly what you mean, so be reflective and don't rush communication.


May brings balanced thinking and harmonious conversations for Virgo. In fact this is the ideal time to negotiate a better deal in any area of life, in business or at work, or in personal relationships. Intuitive abilities are enhanced and greater empathy and receptivity by both you and others means your relationships will benefit.


There is a tendency this month, to be tense and over-worried. Librans need to practice mediation and learn to relax. Real estate, moving house or land related issues are all on the cards. The challenges that May brings, however, will consolidate your emotional relationships. The new moon in May leads to a new experience.


In May you find it easier to be more open with the people you’re closest to. You can do your best thinking with a partner, and benefit from someone to bounce ideas off off. On the 10th, a full moon occurs in your sign, and you will easily make progress with the things you’re passionate about and have worked hard at.


This month’s new moon occurs in Gemini on May 25th, and you can more easily pursue an opportunity to do something with a partner that makes you smile. You will work on your schedule and routine, and try to get organized and bring some structure back into your life.


This month is about pursuing new work opportunities, starting new projects, working on a new schedule or routine, or at least improving your lifestyle in some way and getting things done. It’s also likely that you will receive some recognition for work you have done. You have a positive outlook and a fun-loving approach.


Mercury enters Taurus on May 16th, and allows you to focus on expressing what you’re feeling, connecting your mind to your emotions and getting in touch with your inner self. You find new ways to express yourself and find the right way to be heard and understood easily.


You feel most like yourself when you’re in places that are comfortable for you and you are with the people you know best and who support you. You come across as more nurturing and encouraging of others now. Some will start home improvement projects, plan family gatherings, or improve their surroundings in some way.

Astral meditations: Mindful Listening

This month Mercury is retrograde and we can easily get our wires crossed in communication. Learning to really listen is a great skill to focus upon now.

This exercise is meant to open your ears to sound in a non-judgmental way. So much of what we see and hear on a daily basis is influenced by our past experiences, but when we listen mindfully, we achieve a neutral, present awareness that lets us hear without preconception. practising to listen with music trains us to be listeners in all situations!

Select a piece of music you have never heard before. You may have something in your own collection that you have never listened to, or you might choose to turn the radio dial until something catches your ear.
Try not to get drawn into judging the music by its genre, title or artist name before it has begun playing.

 Instead, ignore any labels and neutrally allow yourself to get lost in the journey of sound for the duration of the song. Allow yourself to explore every aspect of track. Even if the music isn’t to your liking at first, let go of your dislike and give your awareness full permission to climb inside the track and dance among the sound waves.

The idea is to just listen, to become fully entwined with the composition without preconception or judgment of the genre, artist, lyrics or instrumentation.

Do this often and see how your communication improves!

Astral meanders: Sky events NSW May 2017

1-15 May 2017; Comet 41P visible in the morning sky with binoculars

6 May 2017; Eta Aquariid meteor shower.

7-8 May 2017; Moon near Jupiter.

13 May 2017; Moon close to Saturn.

23 May 2017; crescent Moon close to Venus.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Astral meanders April 2017

In General:  There are four planets in retrograde motion, during April, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto. Some deeper more meaningful interactions in areas of harmony, love, stability, communication and transformation are likely now. This is actually an awesome time to improve ourselves and to make those changes to our lives that we have been procrastinating. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius on the 5th shows us where we don’t have the necessary knowledge for achieving our goals. Acquiring the knowledge we need becomes our main focus for the next few months. If we can knuckle down and put the hard work in we can be very successful as a result of this transit. Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on the 8th, this time affecting mainly work and finances. Communication with colleagues, bosses and subordinates may be difficult to facilitate. It is not a good time to sign financial agreements. But it is a great time for reorganizing our goals and methods and getting on top of our job list. Venus goes direct on April 15th and should nicely balance out any emotional instability we have been experiencing. It should also affect the stock market and finances in general n a stable way!
A Full Moon in Libra on the 11th puts the emphasis squarely onto relationships. Positive and exciting change is in the air and surprises abound. With the Pluto retrograde on the 20th we must learn that change is vital for success. A deep inner transformation is necessary in order to find our place within our relationships and our world. As a result new projects and new experiences abound. If you are celebrating your birthday this month then look forward to a year with a strong emphasis on relationships of all kinds. The world scene this month is about finances and change. Expect world leaders to make some startling admissions and decisions and for issues around diplomacy, finances and infrastructure to be highlighted. Locally be prepared to put in the work if you want results.

Quote of the month: Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. ~Abraham Lincoln


This will be a month of energy and action. You can achieve a great deal. However you have to take a humble stance and expect a little resistance from others! You need to listen to your heart, it will reveal some important things now. You will see things and people for what they are truly are.


You’ll be feeling much more energetic and creative early this month. You truly excel at communication, and that’s where you need to funnel your energies, particularly as we head to mid-month when others are not as clear as they could be.  A new nurturing health regime is easier to begin and stick to now.


This month you want the freedom to work in your own way and to use more of your own creativity. However, you may need to develop patience and tolerance, particularly when dealing with people less balanced than yourself. It’s a good time to have a more positive philosophy in life and this will enable you to be more focused.


You have a restless side that keeps you constantly interested in new people and places and this month is no exception. New relationships are likely now. A new friend or coworker will become a new positive element to your life. Your charismatic personality ensures that you attract friends now.


It is wise to take some time to strengthen existing relationships, and send out a call or text message to let people know you are thinking of them.
Venus turns direct into Pisces on the 15th, and it could mean a windfall for you! Make sure to keep your eyes open to opportunity.


Your partnerships at work and at home may be more beneficial than you think! You may even find a new business partner that sees the world and your area of expertise in a complimentary way to you. Keep open to the possibilities of embracing a new work partnership too.


You start to feel the urge to get out there and dive into a new adventure this month. This could very well mean planning a trip. Mid month it is a time to reboot your relationship. The clouds have lifted, and the sun shines on your romantic life at this time.


This is a suitable time to scrutinize your finances. You will be evaluating your expenditures versus your income and with the proper approach you will find that the focus on money will inevitably be a very positive thing. At times you appear secretive and detached.


With the full moon on April 11th, you become the hub of activity with friends and even friends of friends. You will seem to be the leader of the pack at this time, even if you are traditionally more of the quiet one. As a good collaborator, you seem to prefer to work in partnerships rather than alone or in seclusion.


Its wise right now, to keep things simple and embrace the challenges that make you stronger. Friendships are important to you this month. A relationship could be rejuvenated with a special night out or trip away, and you will feel your creative energy flowing.

It is a time of deep reflection now. Make lists of the positives and negatives in your life. Make an extra effort to be considerate with others and careful with all of the elements of projects and with work. You will be challenged, but will come through a better problem solver.


You possess a strong need for self-expression during April. Your communication could easily get misconstrued during this time though, so be careful to think before you speak. Rekindle that romance, be open to new romantic experiences or start an artistic project. Creativity can be experienced in all aspects of life.

Astral meditations: Unpacking the “stuff” you have been hoarding!

Our subconscious mind can be likened to a backpack that we carry around, full of stuff.
But if you never turn inward, then you'll never sift through the contents and give yourself a chance to process and release and your stuff will just keep piling up and the load you are carrying will get heavier and harder to carry.
But you can’t sustainably carry everything around forever.
The more stuff you are carrying around in your backpack, the longer it will take for you to dig it out and to unload. If you keep putting things into your backpack, inevitably some stuff is going to fall out. Your backpack gets overloaded and stuff that you’ve pushed down starts to come up, whether you like it or not. When this happens, it can create a lot of problems, especially if you don’t understand how energy is moving through you, or how your emotions are helping you to release tension from your subconscious mind.

Try to develop a consistent meditation practice as this will help you to deal with your backpack and your stuff.

Find stillness and concentrate. Let the mind turn inward. Sit and look at your stuff. Let it come up. Breathe into it and then breathe it out. Let it process. Let it release. Once you clear out all of your stuff, you start to gain insight into your honest life purpose; and your intuitive voice, previously obscured by all of the noise in your head, begins to grow louder. You start to see things more clearly. You start to move through life with less suffering and confusion.

Astral meanders: Love lessons by the Zodiac!

With all the Venus retrograde energy about it's a timely thing to look at what the pitfalls may be in love for each sign…and then a little advice on what we can do to help ourselves!

Aries: Too often they are guilty of rushing…they can do better when they learn to step back, take a breath and smell the roses.
Taurus: They tend to hold to tradition and habit tenaciously and can do with a dose of flexibility and freedom!
Gemini: There is a tendency to only brush the surface of a relationship before making long - term decisions…it's a great idea to learn to dig deeper before settling in or running away.
Cancer: It’s far too easy for you guys to be taken advantage of, make sure relationships are about you too.
Leo: Leos are often guilty of smother love, try to let go and allow a little space.
Virgo: Virgo can be too distrustful, needing lots of reassurance and would benefit from trusting more.
Libra: You don't function well alone and can be too eager to jump into a relationship, a little more reflection is advisable.
Scorpio: Secretiveness can build a wall between you and a partner, let down your defences and communicate freely and you will be surprised how rewarding it can be!
Sagittarius: You can be too easily distracted from the objective of your affection, do your best to be loyal and remember to pay a partner attention!
Capricorn: you guys can be very hard to get close to…let down your barriers and you will support relationships better.
Aquarius: Make sure you remember how much you need intellectual stimulation and create relationships based more on sex.

Pisces: There is a tendency to live in a fantasy world…try to be more realistic about your relationships for longer lasting results.

“Miracles are as close as the heavens above and the blossoms beneath”

“Miracles are as close as the heavens above and the blossoms beneath”